21 Mar

Video Testimonials In Support of My Candidacy

In politics, I have had to learn how to tell people about me and what I have done.  This is difficult because one of the virtues I have tried to live by is humility.  Constantly talking, writing, and posting about ...

19 Mar

What are your qualifications to be a Legislator?

Many voters want to know what my qualifications are to be a Legislator. To begin with, I am a resident of the State of Nevada and I meet all the basic statutory requirements to be an Assemblyman from Assembly District ...

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19 Mar

Who are you and why are you running for the Nevada Legislature?

Since announcing my candidacy for Assembly District 26, a question I am often asked is,”Who are you and why are you running for the Nevada Legislature?” In this blog post, I will provide a detailed outline of my answer to ...

19 Mar

My answer to the question, “What Does it Mean to Be a “Conservative”?”

Over the past several weeks, I have been asked, “Jason, what does it mean to be a “Conservative”?  Since it is a question that I am asked to answer so frequently, I decide to commit my answer to writing. To ...

16 Mar

My First TV Interview (with my Position on Historic Education Reforms and the Taxes that Fund Them)

Last night, I was on the Ralston Live Show.  It was my first extended TV interview.  Candidly, I was a bit nervous.  Nevertheless, I approached the interview as I would a conversation over coffee and attempted to give clear, thoughtful ...

14 Mar

It’s Official!

Dear Friends, Last week, my wife Kim joined me in filing my candidacy for Assembly District 26. We are deeply blessed and excited! As I’ve said before, this is not my campaign, this is our campaign. Instead of appealing to and ...

08 Mar

Recap of February, a Tremendous Month!

Dear Friends, As we continue to dive deeper into the campaign season, the importance of your contributions cannot be overstated. February has been a tremendous month for us—I could not feel more blessed and grateful for your continued support. Our ...