Dear Friends,

As we continue to dive deeper into the campaign season, the importance of your contributions cannot be overstated. February has been a tremendous month for us—I could not feel more blessed and grateful for your continued support.

Our February 26th fundraiser gave me the opportunity to present the cornerstone principles of my campaign. It also gave our friends and neighbors the opportunity to express their concerns. I am humbled to have the support of a broad coalition of community and business leaders whose work I admire. These friends shared personal testimonials as to why they believe my candidacy can properly address some of the issues we face: workforce development, entrepreneurship, education, the right to life and human trafficking.

A enormous thank you to the Comptons for their hospitality and sharing their home with us.

Our support within the community is growing and diversifying everyday. This is not my campaign, this is our campaign. Let’s continue to fight the good fight, all the way to Carson City.

Testimonial videos are now up on my Facebook page, take a look!