Dear Friends,

Last week, my wife Kim joined me in filing my candidacy for Assembly District 26. We are deeply blessed and excited! As I’ve said before, this is not my campaign, this is our campaign. Instead of appealing to and stoking anger, my candidacy focuses on solving the issues. My track record in fighting for the values and rights we hold so dear are clear and consistent.

My candidacy will continue to provide substantive responses to the issues concerning our community, and to provide a positive vision for moving Nevada forward in an unprecedented era of growth and opportunity.

I’m asking for your support and the support of your friends and neighbors. I need help walking the neighborhoods of our district and reaching out to as many voters as we can. I need your investment. I need your passion. Our campaign signs have finally arrived, email me so I can make sure you receive one. Let’s bring the fight for our values to Carson City.

Thank you,