Since announcing my candidacy for Assembly District 26, a question I am often asked is,”Who are you and why are you running for the Nevada Legislature?” In this blog post, I will provide a detailed outline of my answer to this important question:


  • I am a Conservative Republican Candidate for Assembly District 26.
  • Walking door-to-door in my Assembly District, I have listened to Nevadans who have said that they simply want a person who is authentic and who will be honest with them, and not another politician who will say anything people want to hear in order to get elected.
  • I am that person.
  • I believe our community needs a representative who understands first hand the issues facing our region and who has the background, education and experience to overcome cynicism and lead Nevada forward.
  • I will be that representative.
  • I am excited to report that Northern Nevada is entering a period of unprecedented growth.
  • This growth presents our region with opportunities and challenges that will fundamentally change our communities.  The Nevada we know now will not be the same Nevada in ten years.
  • The actions (or inactions) of the Nevada Legislature in the next legislative session will set the trajectory of Nevada’s great transformation.
  • Education, workforce development, housing, traffic and transportation, water, and public safety are just a few of the major issues that must be addressed in order to sustain and capitalize upon the expansion in our economy.
  • With your help, I will work diligently to shape Nevada’s exciting new future.

Who I am

  • Husband – married to my wife Kim 22 years.
  • Father – Two children – Robbie (19) and Adeline (12)
  • Successful Attorney – Licensed in Nevada and California
    • STORY OF OUR BUSINESS: My wife Kim, who is also an attorney, and I grew our law firm a small 140 square foot shared office into a mid-sized law firm employing 18 people with law offices in Reno, Incline Village and Las Vegas.
    • I am an attorney who represents businesses of all sizes and in all industries. From large company’s like to small businesses like Haven on Earth Bakery, I have spent most of my career fighting for employers.  We also own and manage nine acres of industrial property.  As a business owner who pays taxes and as an attorney who represents business of every size and in every industry, I intimately understand the impact tax and spending decisions have on businesses.
    • I represent government entities, such as IVGID, NLTFPD, IVCBVB, and TDFPD.
    • My law practice areas include: Employment and Labor Law, Human Resources Support, Workers’ Compensation, Civil Litigation, Government Affairs and Legislative Advocacy, Public Entity Law, Property Law, Public interest and nonprofit organizations, Churches and Ministries, Pro-life Advocacy, First Amendment Free Exercise.
    • My wife was an attorney for the Legislative Counsel Bureau for 14 years.


To Advocate for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

  • I have an intimate understanding about how the actions (or inactions) of our Legislature impact employers and their employees.
  • I believe a strong economy creates a community where:
    • People better themselves through training and education,
    • Human life is valued and protected,
    • We respect our differences in religion and culture,
    • Poverty is eradicated, and
    • Crime is reduced, especially crimes that exploit women and children
  • As an Assemblyman, I will take my experience and advocate for entrepreneurs and small businesses so that they benefit from all the New Nevada economy has to offer.

To work to create community based solutions to community problems.

  • Since starting my law firm in 2008, I have given an average of 25% of my time annually to provide legal services to nonprofits, churches and individuals in need free of charge. This commitment to community service has been and continues to be a foundational principle of my life and my law firm’s mission.
  • Through my service to over 50 nonprofits and churches, I have learned that community based nonprofits, charitable organizations and churches have an important role to play in delivering education, serving the needy, and protecting the vulnerable.
  • I have also learned we have communities where businesses, families and individuals want to contribute to making a difference in the lives of others.
  • Running for the Nevada Legislature is an extension of my commitment to serving our community and our State.  As a legislator, I would like to work to push more social services functions out of State agencies and into community based organizations.

To Fight Against Human Trafficking.

  • For the past several years I have been the Attorney for Awaken, Inc., an organization dedicated to fighting human trafficking in Northern Nevada.
    • I was the first attorney in the State of Nevada to apply NRS 176.515 to compel a court to vacate criminal judgments against victim of human trafficking.  This resulted in a women being able to get a job, provide for her child and start a new life without the specter of having been a prostitute hanging over her head.
    • As a Legislator, I will work to enact state law that will prevent young women from being victimized and exploited.

Fight for Life human life from conception to grave.

  • I believe all human life is inherently valuable and deserves to be protected and preserved.
  • I regularly work with Nevada Right to Life to fight for human life.
    • Most recently I worked on legislation that, if passed, would have required abortion providers to notify the parents of a girl under 18 if she was seeking an abortion.
    • I received the “Hero for Life Award” for my work on a case where a Court was going to force a disabled women to have an abortion.  I intervened and successfully persuaded the Court not to force an abortion.  As a result of my advocacy, the baby was born without defect, was adopted and she is now almost three years old.
  • I am also the attorney for Crisis Pregnancy Center.
  • If elected, I will continue to advocate for the protection of human life from conception to the grave.

Fight for our Constitutional Rights.

  • I am an Allied Attorney with the Alliance Defending Freedom a International Organization dedicated to fighting for religious freedom.
  • I am also a part of a multi-faith group “Libertas Nevada” which is dedicated to educating people about the importance of protecting religious freedom
  • I have advocated for a Nevada Religious Freedom Restoration Act and will continue to do so as a legislator.
  • Advocating for the right of free exercise of faith is necessary to secure all other rights we enjoy.  If we do not have the right to worship, believe, think and act in accordance with the dictates of our conscience, then we do not have a free society and all other rights we enjoy as Americans.

Fight to Defend Law Enforcement. 

  • I serve on the Reno Police Chief’s Community Panel
  • I also serve several police officers and their associations in a number of legal matters, including
    • Officer Involved Shootings
    • Officers who are injured in the line of duty
    • Officers who are unjustifiably terminated or transferred
  • In today’s climate where law enforcement is being ridiculed, scrutinized, and literally killed for the work that they do to keep the public safe, I believe it is important to remember the important role and responsibility they have in our communities and to do everything we can to protect them from unjust attacks on their character and competence.

In summary, if I am elected, I will:

  • Advocate for entrepreneurs and small businesses.
  • Work to create community based solutions to community problems.
  • Fight against Human Trafficking.
  • Fight for Human Life from conception to the grave.
  • Fight for our Constitutional Rights.
  • Fight to Defend Law Enforcement.


In closing, please consider the what I believe to be the Conservative vision of government outlined in a few short phrases of the Declaration of Independence, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men. . .”

  • I have faithfully fought for human life from conception to the grave for over 25 years and I will continue that fight in the Nevada Legislature.
  • As an Allied Attorney with the Alliance Defending Freedom, I have fought to defend the Constitutional Right to Religious Liberty and Free Exercise Rights.  I will continue this fight.
  • As a person who has overcome homelessness and despair as a youth by the Grace of God, I understand what it takes to successfully pursue happiness and I want to make sure that Nevadans are equipped for this pursuit through free enterprise, robust economic development, quality education and community empowerment.