In politics, I have had to learn how to tell people about me and what I have done.  This is difficult because one of the virtues I have tried to live by is humility.  Constantly talking, writing, and posting about “me, me, me . . .” as I campaign does not always seem consistent with this virtue.  Nevertheless,  I want people to know who I am and why I am running.

There is a Proverb that says, “Let another man praise you, and not your own mouth . . .” As I considered the implication of this Proverb for my campaign, I was inspired to asked other people to speak about me at a fundraiser I had a few weeks ago.  Herein below are video clips of what people had to say about me.  Dear Voter, I hope you will find what these people have to say about me helpful as you consider who to support and vote for come June 14, 2015.

My wife, Kim Guinasso

The decision to run for the Nevada Legislature was not something we did without much prayer and discussion. Find out why my wife Kim​ is supporting me in this effort to serve here:

Otto Kelly, Executive Director of the Crisis Pregnancy Center

Otto Kelly speaking about his relationship with me over the years and why he is supporting my candidacy for Assembly District 26.

Melissa Clement, Executive Director of Nevada Right to Life

Melissa Taylor Clement​ and I are committed to fighting for life from conception to the grave. Watch and listen to her explain why she is endorsing me for Nevada Assembly District 26:

Melissa Holland, Executive Director Awaken, Inc.

As Melissa Holland​ of Awaken, Inc, will tell you, the fight against human trafficking requires a community committed to fight against that evil in all of its forms. I am committed to this fight. Watch and listen to her explain why she is supporting me:

Dusty Wunderlick, CEO of Bristlecone Holdings

One of the things I have really enjoyed about campaigning is that I have made a lot of new friends like Dusty Wunderlich​. Watch and listen to why he is supporting me and my campaign:

Brantly Compton, Owner of

Brantly shares my desire to see students thrive at our community colleges and our State’s Universities.

Cesar Minera, Pastor and owner of Haven on Earth Bakery

Pastor Cesar Minera​ and Rita Minera​ own a small business. Watch and listen to Cesar explain why he is supporting me and my campaign for Assembly District 26: