Many of you know that my husband Joe and I have lived in Incline Village for 24 years. We run our business here. We love it here. I’d like to tell you why I’m voting for Jason Guinasso for Assemblyman for District 26, and why I hope you will, too.

First, his legal and legislative background. The more you know about Jason’s background, the more you see how grounded he is in getting things done in the Nevada Legislature. He understands the need to move Nevada from depending on Gaming to finance our State’s needs to creating more of an industrial base. There are big infrastructure implications to making this happen – among them strengthening our education system so that desirable industries and businesses will choose to re-locate here. And he understands how weak frivolous lawsuit legislation has wreaked havoc with our small businesses, schools, churches, and municipalities.

Second, his legal and moral courage. Jason operates out of a strong moral core that he had to work hard to develop (more on this later). For example, Jason, acting as IVGID’s legal advisor, has had the courage to help our General Manager begin to return IVGID Board Meetings to being working meetings of our Board of Trustees with reasonable input from citizens. (Those of you who have come to Board Meetings the last several years will understand that I am not talking about reasonable and civil interactions, but about vitriolic, mis-informed, and often personal verbal attacks.)

Third, his commitment to pro-bono legal service – to help religious non-profits, organizations helping girls and women caught in human trafficking, and those helping the underprivileged and those facing multiple obstacles that prevent them from participating in the richness of economic and community life.

Fourth, his re-birthing of himself. Some say there are two types of people in the world: Once-born and twice-born. Once-born people – like many of us – were lucky enough to be born into a good family with loving parents who had the ability to provide for their kids, including an ethical core, a good education, and a good start in life. Other kids, through no fault of their own, were not so lucky. Many get sucked up in the system and end up in jail or dead from drugs or violence. Some of them manage to escape. Jason is one of those people. Finally being adopted by loving foster parents, he re-birthed himself, and in the process came to create a life with a loving family, and a commitment to give back, to leave the world better than he found it. Too few people in politics have been tested by fire and been made stronger by it.

My major reason to vote for Jason is this: He has the integrity and the moral courage to work tirelessly to re-balance our legal system – for the underdog, for our faith-based communities, for small businesses and municipalities. What he has set out to do in his life, his law practice, his pro bono work, and with our beautiful Incline Village, he will bring to all the people of Assembly District 26. We and Nevada will be richer for what he will do in the Assembly.

I invite you to join me in learning more about Jason and to voting for him. If you concur, please forward this email to your network of people in Incline.

Thank you very much, and kind regards,


Kaye M. Shackford
The Mattford Group
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