The Nevada Association of REALTORS® (NVAR) has announced that they have endorsed me for Nevada State Assembly District 26.

NVAR is one of the largest trade associations in the state, representing its 15,000 members. NVAR is invested in the success of its members by providing services and advocating for private property rights. Protection and preservation of private property rights are at the core of every REALTOR®’s beliefs. Creating a vibrant and robust economy within the state allows the commercial and residential real estate industry as a whole to flourish. More importantly, it provides every citizen of this great state the opportunity to pursue the American Dream – homeownership.

The reach of the industry can be felt across the board – whether it is the escrow agent assisting in the closing of a transaction, or the home inspector who is assisting the buyer in identifying problems with the home under consideration, or the sales person at your local furniture or hardware store who is helping the new homeowner with their remodeling or decorating needs, the arm of the real estate sector on our economy is far reaching. And to that end, an adverse impact on one part of the industry touches many other industries and people’s livelihoods across a wide spectrum of our state’s economy.

Finally, as the economy is improving, REALTORS®’ commitment to support candidates who favor the industry’s core issues – preservation of private property rights, and protecting the American Dream – remains strong and vibrant.