Last week, my opponent sent a mailer falsely claiming that I am not a resident of Assembly District 26.  This is the same unscrupulous political attack on my residency that we defeated in Court a few weeks ago.  In this regard, after considering over 100 pages of evidence and our legal arguments at a two hour hearing, the Honorable Judge Flanagan concluded:

“[Mr. Guinasso] has satisfactorily shown to the Court by the preponderance of the evidence that the challenge to his candidacy for office of State Assembly District 26 is invalid, and, therefore, the challenge is dismissed .”

You can read my brief: [here]

You can read the transcript of the hearing: [here]

You can read a copy of the final Court order dismissing the matter: [here]

This matter was resolved quickly and decisively.  There is no ambiguity in the Court’s order finding that I am a legal resident of Assembly District 26.

Nevertheless, my opponent, who claims to have some competence in understanding the law, has chosen to ignore this Court order and is attempting to deceive the people she claims to want to represent by lying to them about my residency.   She is desperate because she knows she is losing this campaign as more and more voters in Assembly District 26 have decided to support me and my positive and solution-oriented approach to leadership.

Please stand with me against lies and manipulations as we head into the final weeks of this election.   Let’s show my opponent that such unethical tactics will not be rewarded at the ballot box.