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09 May

Conservative Jason Guinasso is . . .

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07 May

Rumors, Half-truths and Lies

Walking door-to-door has, once again, revealed the desperation of my opponent as she attempts to manipulate people into supporting her.  In this campaign, my opponent and her associates have developed an unethical trend of mischaracterizing facts, telling half truths and/or ...

11 Apr

My Position on Common Core

I rarely talk about my opponent in my campaign because my focus is on communicating who I am and why I want to be your next Assemblyman from District 26.   That said, my opponent has been making it a ...

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19 Mar

Who are you and why are you running for the Nevada Legislature?

Since announcing my candidacy for Assembly District 26, a question I am often asked is,”Who are you and why are you running for the Nevada Legislature?” In this blog post, I will provide a detailed outline of my answer to ...

19 Mar

My answer to the question, “What Does it Mean to Be a “Conservative”?”

Over the past several weeks, I have been asked, “Jason, what does it mean to be a “Conservative”?  Since it is a question that I am asked to answer so frequently, I decide to commit my answer to writing. To ...