Governor Brian Sandavol


“Jason Guinasso has already been a strong advocate for Nevada through his work with many charity and faith-based organizations and I am excited that he has decided to run for the Assembly. Jason brings the type of servants’ heart we need more of in Nevada. Jason is focused on improving our schools and growing our economy. I am proud to endorse Jason’s campaign for Assembly.”

Lt. Governor Mark Hutchison


“Nevada needs more smart, hard working, and competent legislators. Jason is exactly what we need in the state assembly. As a legal professional and small business owner Jason understands how government can either help or hinder job growth and economic opportunities. Jason will pursue policies and legislation that will continue to grow Nevadan’s economy and strengthen families.”

Assembly Majority Leader Paul Anderson


“Jason’s positive attitude towards finding solutions will be invaluable to the legislative process. He will bring experience and vision that is unique to him. He is dedicated to serving others and will be a welcomed voice of reason in the Nevada Legislature.”


”The Chamber of Reno, Sparks, and Northern Nevada is pleased to endorse Jason Guinasso for Assembly District 26. We know that Jason will be a fiscal conservative who will work with everyone to craft practical solutions to Nevada issues and will work with us to maintain our economic vitality and quality of life.” – Tray Abney, Director of Government Relations for The Chamber


“As the leading business organization in Nevada, the Metro Chamber takes its endorsement responsibility very seriously.  We are proud to support Jason Guinasso for Assembly District 26.  The endorsement by the Metro Chamber reflects his commitment to work with Nevada’s employers and reflects his understanding of the issues impacting employers and the regional economy, as well as his willingness to work with the Metro Chamber on a variety of issues.”

Coalition logos

“The Coalition of Law Enforcement represented by the Police organizations of the Fraternal Order of Police (F.O.P.), Nevada Association of Public Safety Officers (NAPSO), Peace Officers Research Association of Nevada (PORAN), and Southern Nevada Conference of Police and Sheriffs (SNCOPS), representing nearly 100 law enforcement organizations and more than 10,000 officers throughout Nevada, are pleased to announce our endorsement of Jason Guinasso for State Assembly District 26.” – Lt. John J. Faulis, Representative of Law Enforcement Coalition.


“The Deputies Association of Washoe County is pleased to endorse Jason Guinasso for Assembly District 26. Jason has the both the skill and understanding to take on the issues facing the State of Nevada. We are confident Jason will work toward solutions and create policies that benefit all residents of the Silver State. Jason’s levelheaded approach will make him a great addition to the Legislative body.” Tim Ross WCSDA


“Nevada Chapter AGC is pleased to endorse Jason Guinasso for Assembly District 26. Jason’s understanding and appreciation of Nevada’s diverse range of issues and growing economy, combined with his solutions oriented approach, will make him an invaluable asset in the Nevada legislature.” – Jarrett Rosenau, Government Affairs Committee Chairman, Nevada Chapter AGC



“The Builders Association of Northern Nevada is proud to endorse Jason Guinasso because he has the passion, policy understanding and leadership qualities that will make him a great addition to the Nevada State Assembly. His skills will be critical in the legislature to sustain and grow Nevada’s economic opportunities while also finding solutions to the challenges facing our state.” – Androo Allen, Builders Association Northern Nevada President.


“While we typically don’t endorse open seats in the primary, Jason Guinasso possesses undeniable credentials and will add tremendously to policy and process in the 2017 session. We look forward to working with him for years to come.”


“On behalf of the owners, developers and professionals representing commercial and industrial real estate in Washoe County, NAIOP Northern Nevada is proud to endorse Jason Guinasso for the Nevada Assembly. Jason is dedicated to improving the quality of life in our region through economic growth and job creation.” -NAIOP Board of Directors


“The Growth & Opportunity PAC is proud to endorse Jason Guinasso for Nevada State Assembly District 26. As a husband, father, lawyer and business owner, Jason understands the needs of the voters in AD26 and understands that the area is entering a period of unprecedented growth. Jason’s broad life and work experience along with his unquestionable integrity will be invaluable assets to the Nevada Legislature as we continue to move Nevada forward.”


NVAR is one of the largest trade associations in the state, representing its 15,000 members. NVAR is invested in the success of its members by providing services and advocating for private property rights. Protection and preservation of private property rights are at the core of every REALTOR®’s beliefs. Creating a vibrant and robust economy within the state allows the commercial and residential real estate industry as a whole to flourish. More importantly, it provides every citizen of this great state the opportunity to pursue the American Dream – homeownership.


“Mr. Guinasso was very well versed in issues important to firefighters and made it a point to let us know that his door would always be open for us to express our point of view with him.”  Rusty McAllister, Professional Firefighters of Nevada President

Brantley Compton, Owner of

Brantly shares my desire to see students thrive at our community colleges and our State’s Universities.

My wife, Kim Marsh Guinasso, Esq.


The decision to run for the Nevada Legislature was not something we did without much prayer and discussion. Find out why my wife Kim is supporting me in this effort to serve here:

Otto Kelly, Executive Director of the Crisis Pregnancy Center

Otto Kelly speaking about his relationship with me over the years and why he is supporting my candidacy for Assembly District 26.

Melissa Holland, Executive Director Awaken, Inc.

As Melissa Holland of Awaken, Inc, will tell you, the fight against human trafficking requires a community committed to fight against that evil in all of its forms. I am committed to this fight. Watch and listen to her explain why she is supporting me:

“Jason is the real deal! I can’t even begin to tell you how much he has done for local churches and non-profits! We have been praying for righteous laws in Nevada, well guess how that happens? By putting righteous people in office! Lets show the community what can happen when people are united for something or someone great!”

Melissa Clement, Executive Director of Nevada Right to Life

Melissa Taylor Clement and I are committed to fighting for life from conception to the grave. Watch and listen to her explain why she is endorsing me for Nevada Assembly District 26:

Cesar Minera, Pastor and owner of Haven on Earth Bakery

Pastor Cesar Minera and Rita Minera own a small business. Watch and listen to Cesar explain why he is supporting me and my campaign for Assembly District 26:

Dusty Wunderlich, CEO of Bristlecone Holdings

One of the things I have really enjoyed about campaigning is that I have made a lot of new friends like Dusty Wunderlich. Watch and listen to why he is supporting me and my campaign:

John Redfern

“I am proudly supporting Jason for several reasons. First and foremost he and I share core values. These include a strong and life altering faith in Jesus Christ. This faith is the foundation for Jason’s honesty, integrity and compassion. He is openly pro-life and anti-drug. He is a committed family man and community leader.

I have also had the privilege of getting to know Jason personally over the last several months as we joined efforts in attempting to fight the proposed MME coming into my town of Incline Village. I have found that personally he lives his life the way he portrays that he does. There is nothing phony about Jason nor any hidden agendas with him.

He is a good man and will be a faithful servant for the people he represents. He understands that in the Assembly he will be serving us, his constituents and not the other way around.”

Chad Miraglia

The Griffin Company

Basin Street Properties

The Ferraro Group

R&R Partners

SB Strategic Consulting, Inc

Farmers Insurance PAC

Michael and Kathy Patterson

NV Energy

Dr. Randy and Patty Idler

Greg Latimer

“Jason is the best candidate, hands down! Please check Jason’s platform out and you’ll see that he understands the issues facing our area. I urge you to vote for him! We need people like him in leadership!!”

David Thompson

I have known and observed Jason for many years and have known Jason to be hard working, earnest, honest, and capable. I would trust him to do the right thing in all circumstances and accomplish what he sets out to do. I can’t think of a more qualified individual for this position (except maybe his wife Kim who will make him even more qualified with her support)!!!

Southwest Gas Corporation

Joe and Kaye Shackford

Kaye Shackford: Why I hope you will join me in voting for Jason Guinasso for Assemblyman District 26.

Nevada Anesthesia Safety PAC

Bonanza Casino

Jason Mills, Esq.

Damonte Law Offices

Sunshine Industrial, LLC

Dr. Daniel Lee

Mark Thierman, Esq.

Hutchison & Steffen LLC

McDonald Carano Wilson

Lewis Roca Rothgerber LLP

International Academy of Style

Rilite Aggregate Company

Chris Ferrari

Robert E. Heaney, Former Assemblyman 1974 to 1976

“I believe Jason has the “right stuff” to serve in the Nevada Legislature. He is very personable, intelligent and motivated to help Nevada move in the right direction. He sees the big picture with our increasing population in Northern Nevada, our expanding economy, job growth, technology, etc. At the same time he understands the importance of protecting the environment and preserving open spaces. Jason and Kim both enjoy bird watching.”

AT&T Services, Inc.

Employers EIG Services

Western Nevada Supply Co

Lauri Boyer

Steven LeMay

Bret Meich, Esq.

Peter Etchart

Pat Hickey

Mark Knobel, Esq.

Julie Dianda

Sepedi Rezaei Arya

Gerald Eick

Brian Bishop-Parise

Dusty Wunderlich

Devon Reese, Esq.

Ed Alexander

Clara Andriola

“There isn’t anyone like Jason Guinasso who will work harder for you in Carson City – with unbridled integrity, truth, transparency, tolerance, honesty, common sense, compassion, understanding and unmatched dedication to serve his constituents to make Nevada a better place for all, now and for future generations.”

Dean Meiling

Robert LaRiviere

Wired Solutions

Jill Tolles

Draper Strategies & Communications LLC

Rhonda Venna

SouthRAC Solutions

R. Trent McAullife, Esq.

Rosie Petruzzella Tillis

Ben Sanchez

Joy Kelly

Lisi Drake

Sharon Jannuzzi, Esq.

Bishop William John Wynn

Jerry Peterson

Katie Coombs

Felipe Cisneros

Dereck Drobot

Chuck Grimm

“Jason is the ideal candidate for the Nevada Assembly. A man of great integrity, honest, and of great faith. He’s the “real deal,” and someone we will be able to trust with critical moral issues (a refreshing change in Carson City).”

Michael Kattelman, Esq.

“Friends in Nevada Assembly District 26; I urge you to support, fund, and vote for Jason Guinasso. While there are a myriad of reasons, the most important, in my book, is this: his opponent, Lisa Krasner, is a no tax-pledger. Our State needs (and Jason offers) thoughtfulness and study over proposed taxes, not a blanket, thoughtless, no-not-ever position.”

Clara Andriola

Eve McNeil

Bonnie Schultz

Robert Green

Willy Krusell

Joseph Infranco, Esq.

Bonnie Drinkwater, Esq.

Aimee Banales, Esq.

Roger Canary

Dee Carey

Steven Pelzer

Adam Michelin

Rowena Harrison

Adam Michelin

Bill and Gay Wallace

Michael Brown

Roberta Klein

Jim and Susan Toner

Bill Bazner

George and Carol Del Carlo

“Jason has proven as a lifetime resident of Washoe County he has the integrity to listen to all, speak his thoughts and convictions and then act to provide practical solutions to Nevada’s issues.  He is energetic, thoughtful and fiscally responsible. Jason has earned our vote and I believe he will be an outstanding member of the Nevada Assembly as they set the path for the future of the State of Nevada.”

Giudici Family, LLC

Kim Bacchus

Russel Bishop

Realty Station, Inc.

Dennis Haney

John Sande, III, Esq.

Cesar Minera

Gary Hinton

Ronald Dreher

“I have known Jason now for over 3 years. He has represented law enforcement officers in discipline/discharge cases and in workers compensation cases and has done an outstanding job in ensuring due process for our peace officers. Based on my past experience with Jason and based on his interview responses to our questions dealing with NV PERS, Collective bargaining, Workers Compensation, NRS 289 – Peace Officer Bill of Rights, that Jason will provide the legislative support we need to ensure we keep our NV PERS, our Collective bargaining, our workers compensation and our POBR rights. Please cast your vote for him if you are a Republican during the upcoming Primary election.”

Charles White

“My good friend Jason Guinasso is running for office. He’s a good man and wants to help our community become even better than it already is.”

Jordan Davis, Esq.

Roxie Taft

Maria Huerta

Jim Marchese

Mark Herron

Kristopher Dahir

Glenn Cox

Jessica Logan

Robert Guinasso

Don Nelson

Susan Kleinman

Chuck Grimm

Blanca Mejia-Pocasangre

James Benthin

Mike Smith

Vivian Evans

Brent Brooks

Jeremy Hughes

Nicole Toner

Diana Cholico

Lucy Canton

C & W Cleaning Service, LLC

Lisa Douville

Shannon Metcalf

Diane Schmenk

Percy Cueva

Raymond Smith

Daniel Sipma

Josie Salas

Diane Bowers

Laura Patricia Muro-De La Torre

Denise Prieve

Rick Radecki

Krystal Minera

Kris Marsh

Jeremy Jaramillio

Gene LeMay

Roberta Klein

Jon Panelli

Brian Bishop-Parise

Kelly Borelli

Adam Michelin

Janet Pahl

The Gresh Group

Station Casinos

Guy Cooper

Mike Dupont

Marco Vanton

Lisa Jaksick

John Tillis

Yvonne Murphy

John Sande, IV, Esq.

Rowena Harrison

James Richardson

Alicia Johnson

Robert Lariviere

Randi Thompson

Richard Blain

“We are on the cusp of a new Nevada. A Nevada where God and family is the focus of life! One man has committed his life to that goal, and it is my distinct honor to know him personally. Jason knows the heart ache and pain of sin in his own life and he is now, and has been for a long time, truly grateful to God for the life he has given him. As a Community leader I feel it is my responsibility not to endorse someone lightly, and not without a lot of prayer and guidance from God. So with that, it is my pleasure to endorse Jason Guinasso for Assembly District 26. Jason has a lot of wonderful plans to better the lives of everyone in his district and Nevada. I for one am excited and ready to see those plans in action!  We need leadership like Jason at the capital. He is willing to fight for the rights of all and most importantly for God.”

Nelson for Nevada

Nevada Anesthesia Patient Safety PAC

James Toner

Atlantis Casino Resort Spa

Donald Nelson

Steven Peeck

Diane Baranowski

Boyd Gaming Corporation

Employers; EIG Services

Deborah C.Day

Sunrise Healthcare System

Good Government Fund PAC

Linda Moore

Cox Communications, INC.

Janet Pahl

Adam Michelin

Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie

Station Casinos

NV Energy

Ergs, Inc.

Kelly Borelli

Brian Bishop-Parise

Jon Panelli

Owens Wood Productions, INC.

Roberta Klein

Randy Idler

Vidler Water Company, Inc.

LP Insurance Services, Inc.

Prime Healhcare Services – Reno, LLC

Gene LeMay

MGM Resorts International Operations, Inc.

Frank Lepori Construction, Inc.

Richard Wolford

Mary Ellen Courier

Dale W. Hornback

Robin Wonhof

Adam  Rutherford

Rick Henriksen

Joan McCorkle Interiors

Kirsten Wildman


Associated General Contracters of America, PAC

Core Construction Services of Nevada, Inc.

Reno Lumber

J & J Mechanical Incorporated

James D. Jenks

Victor Atkins

RHP Mechanical Systems

Moore Law Group, PC

Matuska Law Offices

Law Offices of Amy T. Tirre

Jeffrey Spencer

Silverman Kattleman Springgate CHTD

Elsa Tydell

Martin Iron Works, Inc.

Clark/Sullivan Construction

Scott R Hiatt

Michael Cate

Sierra Nevada Construction

Megan Reger

Giudici Family, LLC

Del Carlo Enterprises, LLC

James and Shirley Hunting

Chet and Dr. Charlette Curtis

Stacy Mellum

Jennifer Heywood

Creative Design Group

Pinecrest Construction & Development

Madeline Carpenter

Guy Cooper

David Oberg

Clara Andriola

Valerie Glenn

Bret Winthrop

Donald Tatro

Susan Opyrchal

Jerry Matsumura

Law Offices of Keith L. Lee