09 May

Conservative Jason Guinasso is . . .


09 May

Fiscally Conservative Jason Guinasso Will Get Our Families Back to Work


09 May

Kaye Shackford: Why I hope you will join me in voting for Jason Guinasso for Assemblyman District 26.

Many of you know that my husband Joe and I have lived in Incline Village for 24 years. We run our business here. We love it here. I’d like to tell you why I’m voting for Jason Guinasso for Assemblyman for District 26, and why I hope you will, too.

First, his legal and legislative background. The more you know about Jason’s background, the more you see how grounded he is in getting things done in the Nevada Legislature. He understands the need to move Nevada from depending on Gaming to finance our State’s needs to creating more of an industrial base. There are big infrastructure implications to making this happen – among them strengthening our education system so that desirable industries and businesses will choose to re-locate here. And he understands how weak frivolous lawsuit legislation has wreaked havoc with our small businesses, schools, churches, and municipalities.

Second, his legal and moral courage. Jason operates out of a strong moral core that he had to work hard to develop (more on this later). For example, Jason, acting as IVGID’s legal advisor, has had the courage to help our General Manager begin to return IVGID Board Meetings to being working meetings of our Board of Trustees with reasonable input from citizens. (Those of you who have come to Board Meetings the last several years will understand that I am not talking about reasonable and civil interactions, but about vitriolic, mis-informed, and often personal verbal attacks.)

Third, his commitment to pro-bono legal service – to help religious non-profits, organizations helping girls and women caught in human trafficking, and those helping the underprivileged and those facing multiple obstacles that prevent them from participating in the richness of economic and community life.

Fourth, his re-birthing of himself. Some say there are two types of people in the world: Once-born and twice-born. Once-born people – like many of us – were lucky enough to be born into a good family with loving parents who had the ability to provide for their kids, including an ethical core, a good education, and a good start in life. Other kids, through no fault of their own, were not so lucky. Many get sucked up in the system and end up in jail or dead from drugs or violence. Some of them manage to escape. Jason is one of those people. Finally being adopted by loving foster parents, he re-birthed himself, and in the process came to create a life with a loving family, and a commitment to give back, to leave the world better than he found it. Too few people in politics have been tested by fire and been made stronger by it.

My major reason to vote for Jason is this: He has the integrity and the moral courage to work tirelessly to re-balance our legal system – for the underdog, for our faith-based communities, for small businesses and municipalities. What he has set out to do in his life, his law practice, his pro bono work, and with our beautiful Incline Village, he will bring to all the people of Assembly District 26. We and Nevada will be richer for what he will do in the Assembly.

I invite you to join me in learning more about Jason and to voting for him. If you concur, please forward this email to your network of people in Incline.

Thank you very much, and kind regards,


Kaye M. Shackford
The Mattford Group
775-832-5300 Pacific time zone
775-846-2511 Mobile

09 May

The Nevada Association of REALTORS® (NVAR) Endorses Jason Guinasso for Assembly District 26

The Nevada Association of REALTORS® (NVAR) has announced that they have endorsed me for Nevada State Assembly District 26.

NVAR is one of the largest trade associations in the state, representing its 15,000 members. NVAR is invested in the success of its members by providing services and advocating for private property rights. Protection and preservation of private property rights are at the core of every REALTOR®’s beliefs. Creating a vibrant and robust economy within the state allows the commercial and residential real estate industry as a whole to flourish. More importantly, it provides every citizen of this great state the opportunity to pursue the American Dream – homeownership.

The reach of the industry can be felt across the board – whether it is the escrow agent assisting in the closing of a transaction, or the home inspector who is assisting the buyer in identifying problems with the home under consideration, or the sales person at your local furniture or hardware store who is helping the new homeowner with their remodeling or decorating needs, the arm of the real estate sector on our economy is far reaching. And to that end, an adverse impact on one part of the industry touches many other industries and people’s livelihoods across a wide spectrum of our state’s economy.

Finally, as the economy is improving, REALTORS®’ commitment to support candidates who favor the industry’s core issues – preservation of private property rights, and protecting the American Dream – remains strong and vibrant.

09 May

I Am A Resident of Assembly District 26

Last week, my opponent sent a mailer falsely claiming that I am not a resident of Assembly District 26.  This is the same unscrupulous political attack on my residency that we defeated in Court a few weeks ago.  In this regard, after considering over 100 pages of evidence and our legal arguments at a two hour hearing, the Honorable Judge Flanagan concluded:

“[Mr. Guinasso] has satisfactorily shown to the Court by the preponderance of the evidence that the challenge to his candidacy for office of State Assembly District 26 is invalid, and, therefore, the challenge is dismissed .”

You can read my brief: [here]

You can read the transcript of the hearing: [here]

You can read a copy of the final Court order dismissing the matter: [here]

This matter was resolved quickly and decisively.  There is no ambiguity in the Court’s order finding that I am a legal resident of Assembly District 26.

Nevertheless, my opponent, who claims to have some competence in understanding the law, has chosen to ignore this Court order and is attempting to deceive the people she claims to want to represent by lying to them about my residency.   She is desperate because she knows she is losing this campaign as more and more voters in Assembly District 26 have decided to support me and my positive and solution-oriented approach to leadership.

Please stand with me against lies and manipulations as we head into the final weeks of this election.   Let’s show my opponent that such unethical tactics will not be rewarded at the ballot box.

09 May

Haters Gonna Hate

One of the issues that motivated me to run for Assembly District 26 was that I wanted to provide a positive, solution-oriented leadership alternative to what I have perceived as ego-driven and manipulative politicians who exploit anger, fear and hatred for their own political ambitions.  While I recognize that it is easier to play to people’s emotions in order to solicit support, I have resolved to take the road less traveled in politics and express my views on issues honestly and authentically, even when I know my audience does not necessarily agree with everything I am saying.  I believe the good people in my community are tired of talking point politicians and are looking for someone to lead that will be straight-forward with them.

However, the consequence of this approach to communicating my message is that I have been subjected to hatred, slander and vile attacks on my integrity.  People supporting my opponent in this race have gone out of their way to level obscene personal attacks.

For example, I was attacked with respect to my job as an attorney for the Incline Village General Improvement District:

“IVGID board, attorney Jason Guinasso are incompetent.

– Title to Opinion Letter Written by Lisa Krasner supporter Michael Abel

As another example, I had an individual stock me and my family, trespass on my property, initiate an action in Court that I had to which I had to respond and then he wrote this:

One never knows how this will play out, but if Jason tries to lie his way out he will compound the problems he already has, but he is so arrogant, and rather stupid I actually see him fighting like dog to circumvent the evidence.  This will be covered by every news outlet in Reno and probably Vegas, it is so sad to see someone work so hard to screw those who supported him. But he is a slim (sic) ball. working for a slim (sic) ball organization.

– Written by Lisa Krasner supporter Frank Wright after he filed his challenge to my residency.  His misrepresentations regarding my residency have been promoted by Krasner since October of 2015.  In fact, just last week Krasner sent out a mailer falsely alleging that I am not a resident of Assembly District 26 despite the Court unequivocally concluding that I am a resident of the District.  Apparently, Krasner is willing to tell a blatant lie in her efforts to try to be elected a Legislator.  Disappointing to say the least.  We should expect better from those who aspire to elected office.

Here is another vile message sent by a Krasner supporter:

We know he is a RINO.  He told me himself at a Hayek Dinner that he supports Governor BS’s Margins Tax, which of course, makes him unwelcome in our District.    I was shocked that this RINO would show his face at a Hayek Dinner.  Obviously, he knows nothing about Hayek and the Conservatives that were in the room.  He is lucky he made it out of the room without being tarred and feathered.  Oh, how I long for the old days of the Wild West when we could run Lyin politicians out of town tarred and feathered on a rail.  Of course, as an Italian, the old dead fish wrapped in a newspaper, arriving late at night, at the front door had a certain elegance to it as well.”

Written by Lisa Krasner supporter Joseph Morabito who recently wrote an opinion letter with several misleading accolades about her credentials and record.

Notably, my opponent has celebrated and encouraged this sort of vitriol on her social media pages and when she meets with people in the community going so far as to slander me in the community college classes that she has taught. Incredibly, her blind ambition even drove her to attempt to bribe my campaign volunteers with gift cards to go home early from the presidential preference caucus when she saw they were distributing my campaign literature.

It is this brand of politician and political discourse that I have resolved to defeat.  I am tired of picking up the newspaper and reading about infighting in our Republican party.  I am tired of being embarrassed by a political party filled with ego-driven politicians acting childishly and, in so doing, grossly diminishing our democratic form of government.  I am tired of opportunistic candidates stoking the fires of hatred, anger and fear to get elected by lying and/or grossly misrepresenting themselves, the facts, the issues and slandering those they are running against.

While the haters in our community are always going to hate, it is time that our community take a stand and refuse to let their vile cynicism shipwreck our party, our communities and our State.  With your help, we will defeat this hatred with positive leadership, humility and truth.

09 May

Governor Brian Sandoval Endorses Jason Guinasso for Assembly District 26

I am honored to announce that I have received the endorsement of Governor Brian Sandoval for my campaign for Assembly District 26.  Explaining his endorsement, the Governor said, “Jason Guinasso has already been a strong advocate for Nevada through his work with many charity and faith-based organizations and I am excited that he has decided to run for the Assembly. Jason brings the type of servant’s heart we need more of in Nevada. Jason is focused on improving our schools and growing our economy. I am proud to endorse Jason’s campaign for Assembly.”

I appreciate the Governor’s work to diversify Nevada’s economy and to begin transforming K-12 education.  His leadership in this regard has set the foundation for unprecedented growth and opportunity in Nevada.

I believe a strong economy creates a community where:

  • People better themselves through training and education,
  • Human life is valued and protected,
  • We respect our differences in religion and culture,
  • Poverty is eradicated, and
  • Crime is reduced, especially crimes that exploit women and children.

As your Assemblyman, I will work with the Governor and Legislators to ensure every person and business has an opportunity to benefit from all the New Nevada economy has to offer.

Additionally, the Education Reforms the Governor signed into law last year were a great start to transforming our State’s education system statewide.  These reforms included:

  • Victory Schools (SB 432)
  • SAGE Commission (AB 421)
  • CCSD Reorganization (AB 394)
  • Teacher Licensure Changes
  • Great Teaching and Leading Fund (SB 474)
  • Washoe County School Construction Tax Committee (SB 411)
  • Education Savings Accounts (SB 302)
  • Full-Day Kindergarten
  • Opportunity Scholarships (AB 165)
  • Data Privacy (SB 463, AB 221)
  • ITeacher Evaluation (AB 447)
  • Zoom Schools (SB 405) in the Clark County School District and Washoe County School District
  • Multicultural Education (AB 234)
  • New Teacher Bonuses (SB 511)
  • School Construction (SB 119, SB 207)
  • Alternate School Framework (SB 460)
  • Charter Reforms (SB 509)
  • Non-Citizen Teachers (AB 27)
  • School Performance Plans (AB 30)
  • Charter School Police Officers (AB 321)
  • Expanded Charter School Bonding (AB 351)
  • Charter Harbormaster (SB 491)
  • Teacher Performance Pay (AB 483)
  • New Nevada Plan (SB 508)
  • Turnaround and Vergara Reforms (SB 92)
  • Teacher Supply Reimbursement (SB 133)
  • Peer Assistance and Review (SB 332)

However, the work the Governor and the Legislature began is not complete.  More work must be done to further promote choice and competition.  Additionally, we must ensure that the accountability and transparency measures passed last session are effective in yielding successful outcomes.   Finally, we must make sure that our schools are producing a competent and qualified workforce for our growing economy.

07 May

Rumors, Half-truths and Lies

Walking door-to-door has, once again, revealed the desperation of my opponent as she attempts to manipulate people into supporting her.  In this campaign, my opponent and her associates have developed an unethical trend of mischaracterizing facts, telling half truths and/or outright lies about me.  I find it disappointing that my opponent and her friends spend so much time and attention on attempting to tear me down and very little time actually talking about her candidacy, her ideas and why she believes she would be a good legislator.  I was told before this campaign started that my opponent was an unethical and dirty campaigner.  However, I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt as I started my campaign and treat her with charity and grace.  Anyone who endeavors to serve the citizens of our great State deserves to be given the benefit of the doubt with regard to their character and motives until their words and actions prove what they really are and what inspires them.  It is now clear to me, because of what she has said and done over the last few months, that my opponent lacks the integrity and character required to be a faithful steward of the public trust.

Most recently, I heard from a constituent at the door that I was being accused by my opponent and her surrogates of receiving support from the marijuana industry.  Additionally, just yesterday, a mailer was sent republishing this accusation.

This accusation is patently false.

I have not received campaign contributions from any marijuana companies, PACs or special interests groups.  I am vehemently opposed to the sale of marijuana for both medicinal and recreational purposes.  I voted against legalization when it appeared on the ballot in 2000. I have opposed marijuana use in my work with ministries and non-profits over the past 25 years. Most recently, I have worked closely with community leader John Redfern and other Incline Village residents to oppose MME’s in Incline Village and Crystal Bay.

Because of my leadership on this important issue, I was recently named the Chairperson for the local campaign against the legalization of recreational marijuana.  As the Washoe County Chair for Nevadans for Responsible Drug Policy, I will work diligently to defeat this initiative by building a community coalition of businesses and faith based groups to turn out votes and stop this dangerous ballot measure.

Over the past seven months, I have met with several hundred lobbyists, business owners and individuals from all over the state who regularly appear at the Nevada Legislature and contribute to political campaigns.  My opponent has met with all of these individuals as well (both during this election cycle and last elections cycle). Importantly, after asking tough questions and evaluating who would be the most competent and effective legislator, more than 90% of these people have concluded that I am the most competent and qualified candidate to serve in the Assembly. In every instance, I have been told that my experience, background and command of the issues facing our State is far superior to that of my opponent.

Many of the names of the people I have met with who have contributed to my campaign appear on my Contribution and Expense report and on my fundraising host committees.  Please note, dear reader, that I have support from over two hundred unique contributors, including a diverse group of supporters representing every industry in the State of Nevada.

Lobbyists in the State of Nevada represent a lot of different interests. I DO NOT AGREE WITH EVERY CLIENT OR INTEREST OF EVERY LOBBYIST OR INDUSTRY REPRESENTATIVE.  Indeed, I have been candid with every lobbyist about why I am running, what I will support and what I will not support.  The only promises I make to anyone, whether they contribute to my campaign or not, is that: (1) I will be accessible and listen to their interests and concerns; (2) I will be honest and truthful; and (3) I do my homework and understand the issues that come before me.

All that being said, I went through my campaign contribution and expense report and will note there are individuals who support me who also lobby for the marijuana industry.  There are also individuals who support me who oppose the marijuana industry, several pastors and community leaders that I have worked with over the past 25 years. Individuals such as John Sande III, John Sande IV and Mike Draper are people who lobby for and support medical marijuana interests. I told each of these individuals that I oppose the sale of marijuana and I explained why. However, despite my opposition to the marijuana industry, they have chosen to support me. Why?

John Sande IV and Mike Draper have grown up in this community with me. Mike and John went to Reno High at about the same time that I went to Wooster High. I have casually known both of them for years. They both know my wife, Kim, very well from her 14 years at the Nevada Legislature as legal counsel. After speaking with me about my desire to run for the Nevada Assembly and evaluating the strength of my candidacy, they chose to support me.

John Sande III was the attorney for my late father-in-law. Our family has had a relationship with the Sande family for 30+ years. After speaking with me about my desire to run for the Nevada Assembly and evaluating the strength of my candidacy, he chose to support me.

All of these individuals respect me and know that I will make a great legislator.

Moreover, please note that each of the foregoing lobbyists represent a lot of different interests besides marijuana. For example:

Mike Draper represents the following:

Churchill Vineyards Fallon NV, 775-423-4000
Draper Strategies & Communications Reno NV,
Fingerprinting Express Reno NV, (775) 322-5587
Frey Ranch Distillery Fallon NV, 775-423-4000
Good Chemistry Reno NV, 720-524-4657
Grand Sierra Resort Reno NV,
John Ascuaga’s Nugget Casino Resort Sparks NV,
Whittlesea Checker Taxi Reno Reno NV, 775-322-2222

John Sande III represents the following:

Alliant Insurance Services, Inc. Sacramento CA,
Nevada Franchised Auto Dealers Assn. Reno NV, 775-331-6884
NV Energy Las Vegas NV, 702-402-5000
Western States Petroleum Sacramento CA, 480-595-7121

John Sande IV represents the following:

Academica Nevada Henderson NV, 702-431-6260
ADDUS Healthcare, Inc. Las Vegas NV,
Grand Sierra Resort Reno NV,
Las Vegas Sands Las Vegas NV, 702-414-1000
Payment Assurance Technology Assn. (PATA) Littleton CO,
StudentsFirst Sacramento CA, 916-287-9204
The Nugget Resort & Casino Sparks NV, 775-356-3300
UBER San Francisco CA,
Universal Health Services of Delaware (UHS) King of Prussia PA, 610-768-3300

For a complete list of every lobbyist and who they represented last legislative session, please see

As you can see, the lobbyists who contribute to political campaigns represent a lot of different clients. As a legislator, I will be required to work with them on over 1200 pieces of legislation that will be considered next legislative session. We will not agree on everything. Again, my promise is to listen, be honest and work hard to understand the issues and make the best decisions to benefit the people of the State of Nevada.

What I find completely hypocritical and outrageous about my opponent’s latest lie about me is that she has aggressively solicited support from each of the lobbyists she now criticizes me for accepting contributions from. Moreover, some of her own supporters, such as Chuck Muth, are strident supporters of the marijuana industry.  I think this fact speaks volumes about her integrity and character and proves that she will say and/or do anything to try and get elected.

I will not.

I am who I say I am.

I have a life time of actions supporting my words and my positions on important issues facing our community.

Thank you for your support. I will continue to work hard to be a good steward of your trust and confidence in me.


29 Apr

Growth & Opportunity PAC is proud to endorse Jason Guinasso for Nevada State Assembly District 26

“The Growth & Opportunity PAC is proud to endorse Jason Guinasso for Nevada State Assembly District 26. As a husband, father, lawyer and business owner, Jason understands the needs of the voters in AD26 and understands that the area is entering a period of unprecedented growth. Jason’s broad life and work experience along with his unquestionable integrity will be invaluable assets to the Nevada Legislature as we continue to move Nevada forward.”

The ​Growth & Opportunity PAC, Inc., is a political action committee dedicated to advocating for the election of candidates to public office who support policies and solutions focused on the growth, opportunity, and the prosperity of Nevada.


29 Apr

Nevada Builders Alliance endorse Jason Guinasso and other distinguished Northern Legislative Candidates

Reno, Nev. (April 28, 2016) – As part of the Nevada Builders ongoing effort to educate and inform its members, communities and policy makers on the benefits, challenges and goals of the construction industry, the Nevada Builders Board of Directors is pleased to announce the following endorsements. Aaron West, CEO of Nevada Builders had this to say “We are poised for tremendous opportunity in this region and the need for true leadership from our elected officials has never been greater. The Nevada Builders and construction industry as a whole stand ready to make this region and state a better place to live, work & play!” West continued “We are proud to support this list of incumbents for their great work in the 2015 legislative session, they made difficult decisions to move this state forward while finally fixing numerous policies that will benefit the business community for years to come.”

Endorsements for Legislative Incumbent:

State Senate
19 – Pete Goicoechea

State Assembly

31 – Jill Dickman 33 – John Ellison 39 – Jim Wheeler 40 – Philip “PK” O’Neil
Said Aaron West of Nevada Builders “While we typically don’t endorse open seats in the primary, the challengers listed below have undeniable credentials and will add tremendously to policy and process in the 2017 session. We look forward to working with these legislators for years to come.”

Endorsements for Legislative Challengers:
State Senate
15 – Heidi Gansert

State Assembly
25 – Jill Tolles 26 – Jason Guinasso

About Nevada Builders Alliance:
The Nevada Builders Alliance, established in 1966, is a professional organization representing the construction industry; and all affiliated sectors. With over 700 member companies, representing tens of thousands of hard-working Nevadans in every corner of the state, our mission is to create a positive business environment for our member companies through legislative, benefit and workforce solutions.